Football Manager Touch is Out On Switch

By Rich Stanton on at

In a surprise announcement that will have divorce lawyers across the UK rubbing their hands with glee, a new version of Football Manager has just been surprise-launched on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Named Football Manager Touch 2018, the game apparently offers the full-fat sheepskin jacket experience, and includes the 3D match engine PC players have been enjoying for years (which hasn't made it to console before now). It also has a bespoke UI and supports both touch controls and the joy-cons.

If you've missed it, or are one of those witty types who likes calling things 'sportsball', Football Manager is the greatest management simulation on the planet. Choosing teams from over 50 worldwide leagues, you put together your squad, select your team, massage the tender egos entitled 20-year-old millionaires, and storm out of press conferences when it all gets a bit too much. I don't play Football Manager so much these days because at one point in life I was obsessed with it: it is truly the beautiful game, something you can get lost in for weeks and months at a time.

“This is a milestone release for Football Manager,” says Sports Interactive studio director, Miles Jacobson. “This is our first console release in a number of years but it is also our most innovative release of Football Manager Touch to date thanks to the various control methods we’ve included that gives everyone a way of playing Football Manager that suits them.”

Oh come on Miles. This is big time! No-one wants to hear about control methods, they want to hear the magic words: "Yes. Now you can take Celtic to Champion's League glory while sitting on the toilet." I've literally just gone to check whether the screws on my bathroom door lock need tightening. They're fine!

The game was co-developed by SI, the grand masters of the series, and the UK's Hardlight (best known for Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump). Jacobson: “Thanks to the support we’ve had from Hardlight throughout the development process we’ve been able to create a Football Manager experience that is just as immersive and enjoyable whether you’re managing on the move during your commute or playing it on your TV.”

No Miles not the commute, not the telly... your home lavatory is now a dugout! Sing it loud and proud! I should've been a marketer. Anyway, the game costs £29.99 and is available now. There's a press release with some blurb about the included features, selections from which are below:

Football Manager’s acclaimed match engine and modernised match presentation help to bring your fixtures to life.
Play the transfer market like never before with a realistic and immersive approach to scouting.
Developing your footballing philosophy is easy with tactical analysis steering you towards your strengths by highlighting your weaknesses.
A wealth of clauses and transfer options arm you with more ways than ever to finalise that blockbuster deal.

I'd like to put on the record that I love my family very much, and will miss them. But Wycombe Wanderers need me.