Looks Like Treasure is Teasing Ikaruga for Switch

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When Ikaruga released in Japanese arcades back in the early 2000s, it quickly made a name for itself among bullet hell shooters thanks to its polarity switching mechanic — where the player could absorb hits if they changed their colour to match that of the incoming projectiles. A spiritual successor to 1998's Radiant Silvergun, it still holds a soft spot in the hearts of many gamers who like punishingly hard games about avoiding silly numbers of projectiles.

A new tweet from the official Treasure twitter account is either teasing an incoming port of Ikaruga, or... well, it's hard to see what else it could be. The tweet has a photograph containing two Switch consoles, one set to be played in a vertical position that would suit the game, while the text grumbles that the screen needs to be 3mm wider. The screens have also been set up in such a way as to reflect certain Treasure posters in the background, among which is Ikaruga.

Below is a rough translation of the text in the tweet, provided by Twitter's translation tools:

"Switch has a request that I want to transplant Ikaruga from play in the vertical screen, I put it vertically in the stand of 108 yen of Daiso. Please make the width of 3mm wider. The side is perfect, but the vertical position is a little short. This photograph is interesting because it is reflected in various reflections. Next to the phosphorus princess, something light shining, or something fishy behind the black."

Ikaruga is a super fun game, and requires little in the way of language skills to play, so even if an eventual port didn't get localised I'd still be excited for this. Worth saying: there's a chance this tweet could mean nothing rather than being a tease. But it sure as heck seems composed like a teaser. Treasure y u do this!? Just come on and announce a double pack with Radiant Silvergun already, and take all my money.