Microsoft Store Shows Xbox Morrowind Will Be Backwards Compatible on Xbox One [UPDATED]

By Laura Kate Dale on at

At 11:30pm GMT today, Microsoft will be streaming the second episode of its online news, interview, and chat show Inside Xbox — where the company makes smaller announcements for Xbox One and looks at games close to release. It has been teased for a little while that tonight's Inside Xbox would have some news for fans of original Xbox backwards compatibility on Xbox One, and now it looks like Microsoft's own store has spilled the beans.

As spotted by Resetera, listings today went up today on the Xbox 360 store for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Destroy All Humans, MX Unleashed, and Full Spectrum Warrior, four original Xbox games not currently among the backwards compatible titles. Morrowind also has a listing on the Microsoft online web store which dates it as 10/4/18, as in today.

There's no indication as to whether this is the full list of to-be-announced backwards compatible titles, so tonight's stream might still hold some surprises. Morrowind is one of the most-beloved entries among The Elder Scrolls games (The Elder Scrolls Online recently got a Morrowind expansion), and some feel it's where the series should look to in the future. Looks like tonight is time for a comeback.

UPDATE 10/04/18 - Morrowind has been announced for backwards compatibility but it is available from 17 April, not 10 April as the store date suggests.