Gal Gun 2 Has a Confirmed UK Release Date

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The Gal Gun games are weird. They're games about boys in school who accidentally have every girl in the school fall in love with them because of some kind of romance demons, and you have to neutralise them by shooting them in the chest and crotch, or shooting off their shoulder demons, and then a bunch of touching the girls happens because that's apparently core to freeing them of the romance ghosts inside of them.

It's weird, but it's a series that exists, and now we know when the next entry is coming to the UK. Warning, the below trailer involved a lot of sucking the clothing off of schoolgirls to look at their buttocks, and suggestive moaning sounds. You have been warned.

Gal Gun 2 will be coming to the UK onĀ  April 13th, just under a month from now. It'll be available on PS4 and Switch.

I can't personally say I understand this series whole deal, but if its your jam, it'll be out pretty dang soon.