Monster Hunter World Gets SSStylish!

By Rich Stanton on at

Who doesn't love a bit of Devil May Cry, whether that's the OG pinnacle of DMC3 or the incredible reimagining of Ninja Theory's DmC. Dante is one of gaming's great avatars, marrying supreme capabilities with a flamboyant and stylish camp that few others approach. But this news post, sadly, is not about a new Devil May Cry game.

Capcom's current concern is keeping the momentum of Monster Hunter World going and, as with the 3DS releases, the publisher continues to release a steady stream of free DLC. Following on from costumes that let you play as Ryu or Aloy, things are just getting better and better - it's Dante time.

As if this all wasn't dreamy enough, it looks like Dante's sword Alastor is a charge blade *swoons*

The collaboration will launch soon and will involve, as with all of these costumes, completing an event quest. We'll let you know when it hits.

If you like Monster Hunter World, we like you. Here's Keza MacDonald's review, and what she thought after the game's first month in the wild. If you're just getting started here are some earlygame tips, or maybe you'd prefer some chin-stroking about why the turf wars are amazing. Keza also ranked every monster in the game in a highly scientific process, although I cannot in good conscience accept the low ranking of Tzitzi-ya-ku.

So hunters, you ready? This party's just getting crazy!