Fortnite's Flippin' Sexy Emote is Giving Paid Players an Edge

By Laura Kate Dale on at

One of the main reasons for the explosive success of Fortnite is that its battle royale mode is completely free, with the only monetised elements being cosmetic items like outfits and emotes. That means players who choose to spend their money aren't supposed to get any gameplay advantage. The problem is, one relatively new emote has been discovered to accidentally bestow a gameplay advantage to those with it.

The emote is called Flippin' Sexy, and it allows players to do a jump, then land lying in a sexy pose on the ground. The problem is that the game as standard doesn't allow people to go prone. It means that players who purchased the emote have the beneficial ability to do things like hide in shallow spots, then pop up and shotgun blast unsuspecting players, giving them an advantage.

The emote isn't currently available for purchase, but should be again in the near future. It remains to be seen how the developer will handle this situation. My vote? Just give all players a prone option already, they've asked for it for a while.