War Child Raised Over £188K For Children Affected by Conflict

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The War Child Armistice charity fundraising campaign, which has consisted of various events over the last year, aims to use video games to raise money for children affected by war. Because so many games mechanically focus on conflict and combat, many of the charity's events involved hosting non-violent armistice events in online games, where players would log in but not engage in combat.

The charity fundraising totals from the last year have been counted up, and a total of 1.2 million gamers helped raise £188,094.11 to help War Child. The charity will be continuing fundraising through games, with a pair of new initiatives being announced in the coming months.

Wayne Emanuel, gaming development manager at War Child UK, has this to say:

“It’s phenomenal to see the campaign grow massively in just 12 months and reach players across the globe - from working on our first ever Steam promotional sale to adding mobile to the mix with Google Play’s support.

“We are already anticipating building on our work so far with 2018’s Armistice, which will mark 100 years since the end of The First World War. We urge more developers to get in touch via our website or our twitter to help us raise awareness of those still affected by conflict today.”

You can find out more about War Child's work and how to support them here.