The Switch Parental Controls App Might Have Revealed System Firmware 5.0.0

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Many Switch owners have been long awaiting Firmware 5.0.0, imagining this next big update might bring yet untold software functionality to the system. Dreams of save backups, folder organisation, non-gaming apps and more have been circling the internet as possible aspects of the firmware, based purely on speculation.

Well, for people hoping System Firmware 5.0.0 is coming sooner than later, whatever it might contain, we might have some good news for you.

Yes, the newest update to the Switch Parental Controls App directly mentions the 5.0.0 Switch update, and states that some of the new parental control features will not be available until the launch of the new Switch system firmware. While the patch notes don't confirm a release date for the system update, I can't imagine Nintendo releasing a parental controls update that advertises new features too long before those features are functional. As a result, many are suspecting the new firmware might be arriving sooner than expected.

While the patch notes give us little idea what the new firmware might entail, now's the time to get making predictions about how this firmware will finally fix all those little issues people have wanted fixed for a while. Honestly Nintendo, just let me back up my 200-hour Zelda save please. I'm so terrified of losing that save.