One of the Best Nintendo Switch Ideas I've Seen

By Brian Ashcraft on at

While Nintendo Labo looks cool, this Switch holder might just be one of the best ways you can play.

Twitter user Ukiwa recently uploaded this image of a Nintendo Switch holder, showing how it can be used while lounging in bed. The holder can also be used for smartphones and tablets, but thanks to the Joy-Con, the Switch achieves the maximum potential. You can keep your arms by your side!

In seriousness, though, this set up is perfect for those unable to get out of bed, whether that’s by choice or not. (My eldest son was in the hospital earlier this year with a sports injury, so this could’ve been one way for him to pass this time.)

Previously, there have been other iterations of this same idea, which other Twitter users pointed out in Ukiwa’s thread.

Well done, humans!