Looks Like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is Coming to Xbox One

By Laura Kate Dale on at

In yet another example of ratings boards confirming the existence of a game or port before its official announcement, two different ratings boards have now rated Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice on Xbox One, suggesting a port of our British game of the year is incoming fast.

Firstly, the game was rated by the Australian Classification board, before later being rated by the Taiwan Game Software Rating Information board.

The game, announced for PC and PS4 back in 2014, was never claimed to be a console exclusive of any kind, so it's unsurprising that an Xbox One port is imminent. As we always say here at Kotaku UK it would be highly unlikely that a ratings board, or in this case two, would issue a rating for a game that somehow did not actually exist.

While the port has not officially been announced, we would expect it to come sooner than later. It may be an announcement planned for this Saturday's 8PM UK revival of Inside Xbox, a Nintendo Direct style Microsoft video show where Xbox One announcements are expected to be made.