Looks Like Prey Could be Getting Some Moon-Based DLC

By David Meikleham on at

Despite the fact it launched back in ye olden times of last May, it looks like Prey may be getting some new DLC.

On Friday, Arkane Studios' official Prey Twitter account released a naughtily teasing tweet, hinting that a forthcoming expansion for the trippy sci-fi shooter could be set on the Moon:

Admittedly, a brief gif isn't much to go on. Aside from a TranStar Industries logo – the nefarious mega-corporation that owns Prey's Talos I space station – and a quick panning shot of the Moon, there's very little to go on. There were vague references to moon colonies in Prey though, so perhaps this DLC (if it even exists) could be set on Wallace & Gromit's favourite holiday spot.