New Far Cry 5 Trailers Lift The Lid on The Unhinged Seed Family

By David Meikleham on at

Ever since Vaas Montenegro took great glee in messing with Jason Brody's head, Far Cry's resulting antagonists haven't exactly been playing with a full deck. That's most definitely the case with the upcoming Far Cry 5 too, with Ubi's cult-obsessed shooter introducing your customisable player character to the brainwashed Seed family.

With the game launching on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 27, Ubisoft has been releasing a series of character-focused trailers to keep the coals of the hype train burning. Here's a couple to wet your slightly deranged whistle:

Is it just me, or does Jacob Seed look like a more homicidal version of Connor McGregor?

As a big fan of the sandbox shooter series, I'm all in for Far Cry 5. And if Ubi didn't have my money before, the fact your character is chummed around by a diabetic grizzly bear called Cheeseburger sealed the currency-exchanging deal.