The Internet Reacts To Brigitte, Overwatch’s New Hero

By Gita Jackson on at

Overwatch fans have totally fallen for Brigitte Lindholme, the game’s latest hero. Fans have known about the character for a while. She was last seen in the November 2017 Overwatch short, “Honor and Glory,” and were hoping she’d end up as the next hero. They’re already making fanart, jokes, and realising they’ve been pronouncing her name wrong this whole time.

Brigitte Lindholme is a support character with a huge shield who can also heal, which has a tonne of people already declaring that she’s their new main.

Others just love the character in general. I mean, she’s a badass engineer—that’s kind of dope.

Others can’t stop drawing her. I’m pretty excited for the fanart, to be honest. Her eyeliner is so on point.

Lots of people, myself included have just discovered that it’s pronounced Brig-geet-uh.

Still, some people are disappointed. They were holding out for a different hero entirely: Jetpack Cat.