EU DIED - Demon's Souls Servers Close Down Tomorrow

By Rich Stanton on at

This... this is a sad one. Demon's Souls was a game that didn't get much of a reaction on release. But over the coming weeks and months, word-of-mouth spread that here was something truly special. Players soon realised that FromSoftware hadn't so much made a fantasy RPG as reinvented the genre, to the extent that Demon's Souls' framework lies beneath the subsequent Dark Souls trilogy and even Bloodborne.

An especially notable aspect of Demon's Souls is its re-imagining of what online in general should look like. The ability to summon players and be invaded was introduced here, alongside the player-authored soapstone messages, inventive boss encounters that sucked in other players, and a 'world tendency' system so ambitious and beyond most players that Fromsoft left it out of subsequent games.

Last year it was announced that the servers for the game would finally be closing across the globe, and the final day is tomorrow - but really, the final chance is this evening. The game was published in Europe by Bandai Namco and it has confirmed to Kotaku UK the times it expects the servers to finally go down. The statement put the time as 8:00 UTC, so we're talking 8am UK time.

Demon’s Souls online service termination on February 28th at the below timing.

8:00 (UTC)
3:00 (EST)
2:00 (CST)
1:00 (MST)
Midnight (PST)

Features That Will Cease:

Multiplayer (cooperative play, invading other worlds, challenge play)
Hint messages
Other players’ bloodstains
Wandering apparitions
Viewing rankings

Last chance time, folks. If you've played Demon's Souls, you'll know it's well worth digging out before this happens – not least because you'll never be able to do so again. Watch out for me in Boletaria, I'm the naked guy with a sword three times the size of his body.