You Can Play Overwatch for Free This Weekend on PS4, Xbox One and PC

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If (for some baffling reason) you've not yet hopped onboard the Overwatch train, there's no better time to do so than this weekend. Starting at 7pm on Friday February 16th in the UK, Blizzard is launching its Overwatch Free Weekend, giving PC, PS4 and Xbox One players three days of access to the absurdly popular shooter for exactly no pence.

Actually, that's not strictly true; given Overwatch's very-definitely-online-multiplayer status, PS4 owners will need a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play, while Xbox One owners will need to be signed up to Xbox Live Gold. PC players, meanwhile, can throw all their clothes off, whirl around and sing songs of liberty and freedom.

The free weekend includes access to all 26 heroes and 17 maps. Progress will carry over if you later buy the full game using the same accounts.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in!