Bandai Namco Plans to Aggressively Create New IP

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As part of Bandai Namco's recent third quarter earnings report, the company talked a lot about the way its video games have been selling recently. In short, it made more games, sold fewer copies of its games, but managed to make a larger profit on game sales regardless.

Bandai Namco has released 128 games this year compared with 90 the year before. The amount of money it made selling games increased 9.4%, but operating profits dropped by 5.%.

As a result, Bandai Namco is focusing on the creation of an IP Creation Unit, which will focus heavily on creating new franchises for use across its whole business, including video games, as opposed to relying so heavily on anime tie in releases.

We know Bandai Namco have Code Vein releasing later this year, which is a new IP. Hopefully we see more of this creative push in the year ahead.