How to Catch a Rayquaza in Pokémon Go

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As of this week, Kyogre is on its way out of raid rotation in Pokémon Go in the UK. In its place, the fearsome green dragon Rayquaza has started spawning in gym raids across the country. Rayquaza will only be around until the middle of March, and is surprisingly weak when fought with the right strategy, so if you're lucky enough to spot a raid then here are some tips for defeating and capturing one.

First up, while the raid has a recommended team size of 20 players, a bit of experimentation suggests that as few as five can take down the creature — providing that those five players are all decent, otherwise it might be a bit close to the line on time. As always, local Pokémon Go raid Facebook groups seem to be the easiest way to organise a team for a particular raid instance.

Regarding team selection, you're going to want as many ice type Pokémon as possible. As a dual flying dragon type Pokémon, Rayquaza is doubly weak against ice moves, which makes him pretty easy to take down. His low defence stat also helps with his defeat, so just hammer him with ice and he'll go down easy as anything.

When it comes to catching a defeated Rayquaza, the dragon is further back into the background than he may appear, so throw further back than you think you need to. He only moves a little up and down, and doesn't attack too frequently, so he should be a fairly easy catch. If you have access to AR+ as an up-to-date iPhone user, you may find it easier to hit if you very carefully close some of that huge distance. The catch rate for Rayquaza seems higher than some previous legendaries, but still be prepared to tackle the raid more than once.

Good luck, and may your raid be legendary.