A Sony Survey Suggests PSN Name Changes May Finally Be Coming

By Laura Kate Dale on at

While Xbox Live users can change their username on the service for free, or repeatedly for a fee, PSN gamers have never had this option, meaning that many adults are stuck with usernames they picked as edgy teens if they want to keep their games playable. However, it seems like that might finally be about to change.

According to a survey emailed to PushSquare, Sony is considering allowing players to change their PSN name for free, but only once per six months, similar to how they handle transferring primary machines with an account. Users wanting to revert to an old username would need to contact customer services.

This feature has been requested for as many years as I've been writing about games, so we can only hope this time it comes to fruition. Sony stresses in the survey that the query is not confirmation of a new feature, but we can all live in hope.