Yakuza 6 is Getting a Yakuza Zero Bundle on PSN

By Laura Kate Dale on at

According to a reliable source, Yakuza 6 will be made available for pre-order on EU PSN on the 16th of February and, when listed, it'll come with an optional. Customers who choose to pre-order the game will get the option to pick up Yakuza Zero at the same time for between £10-£15 extra.

Considering Yakuza Zero on PSN currently has a price of £44.99, this appears to be a substantial saving for all fans of criminals with golden hearts. It also gives those who take up the deal two months in which to enjoy the fantastical and absolutely packed world of Zero.

So if you were thinking of buying Yakuza Zero on PSN in the next few days... maybe think about whether that money would be better spent a short while from now. You know what I'm saying? Think about your kids and make the wise decision. How'd you like my Yakuza impression?