Pokémon Go Getting Rayquaza Raids, Increased Dragon Spawns, and New Raid Rotation

By Laura Kate Dale on at

A new patch is coming to Pokémon Go tomorrow, and with it a few changes relevant to the raiding and Pokedex completion communities.

The headline addition is that Rayquaza, Gen 3's legendary dragon, will be entering the Raid rotation until March 16th. Kyogre won't be vanishing until February 14th, so you'll have a little bit of an overlap to try and catch both.

On top of this, the patch is adding more Gen 3 Pokémon to the game, with a particular focus on flying and dragon types. From tomorrow until February 13th, the game will be prioritising these flying and dragon Gen 3 creatures for wild spawns, so expect to find a lot over the next few days.

Other changes include that egg hatches and raid rosters will be switching up again, so different monsters appearing with both, and until February 23rd Pokémon lures will last six hours rather than the standard 30 minutes. The full list of new Pokémon will be known tomorrow, so for now we can just get generally excited about a host of new creatures.