Music Rhythm Game Voez Just Got 14 New Free Songs on Switch

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When Voez launched in March last year, it already had an impressive roster of over 100 full length j-pop and k-pop tracks for players to tap their way through in typical music rhythm game style. But the free post launch support the game's had so far has been superb. As of update 1.4, which dropped today, the game now has an additional 14 free tracks. That brings its total song collection up to 174 songs, with all of those extra post launch tracks freely available to all players.

Voez has had more than just free tracks added in free updates too. When the game first launched it was touch screen only, but a recent update added support for docked controller play for all tracks.

Update 1.4 for Voez is available now on Switch in all regions, so grab it and give those new beats a whirl.