Niantic Makes Another Baffling Change to Pokémon Go's EX Raids

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As a very dedicated Pokémon Go player and someone who takes part in raid battles on a daily basis, it's a source of constant annoyance that I've still not managed to get an invite to Pokémon Go's EX Raids. The special raids, where players can battle and catch a Mewtwo, are offered to players as part of a rare lottery system. In theory, those who raid most often should get invites to raids, and are most likely to be invited to a raid location if they have recently raided there. Still, it's all a bit random and many daily players like myself are still yet to receive any invite months into the system.

However, that could all be about to change. Something very strange happened to EX Raids last night, and it's currently unclear if the change is here to stay or not.

While EX Raids are normally very rare, last night an uncommonly high number of players were invited to take part in the events, and there did not seem to be any correlation between recent raid locations and where the players were invited to. There are players in my raid chat group who have been invited to raid at gyms in countries they visited once 18 months ago, players invited to gyms across the country that they've never been to, and a lot more people invited than normal.

I'm not sure which is worse honestly, seeing a huge number of people getting invites and still not getting one, or if I had got an invite and it ended up being to a raid in Australia. The temptation to book flights would have been strong.

The raids will be happening this weekend, a shorter window of notice than normally given, and it's still unclear if this change will be staying. Yesterday was the in-game Mewtwo's birthday, so maybe this was just some kind of one off event, poorly advertised, and we will go back to business as usual next week. I don't like the idea of being invited to an EX raid at a gym I passed once on holiday, but a raised invite rate to EX raids would not be a bad thing in my book.

Mewtwo's the only Pokemon I am missing in the first 150. Come on Niantic, let me finally fill up my Kanto-dex.