The New Pokémon Go Trailer is Rather Magical

By Kim Snaith on at

As if Pokémon Go doesn't have enough players already, the Pokémon Company wants to lure more to its monster-catching AR app. In order to do just that, it has created an entirely over-the-top — but somehow magical — trailer that puts brilliantly-created CGI monsters out into the real world. D'aww.

It looks like something straight out of a David Attenborough documentary — in fact, the music is composed by David Fenton, synonymous with Planet Earth and Blue Planet. Unfortunately there's no Sir Attenborough to narrate it; instead it's Stephen Fry, who does a pretty convincing effort. Watch out David, I think someone's after your job...

Check out the lovely ad below. I'm just disappointed that this didn't turn out to be footage from an upcoming Pokémon film. I'd totally watch that.