This English Detective Pikachu Trailer Looks Amazing!

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Ever since Detective Pikachu was announced for release in Japan, I've been totally excited about the idea. A gruff gumshoe Pikachu, who speaks English, drinks coffee, and wants to get to the bottom of crimes is something too good to pass up. We finally have an English trailer confirming the game's the game's March 2018 UK release, and it looks just as amazing as I had hoped.

Seriously, this game looks so good, it might be the first game since the Switch launched that convinces me to dig my 3DS back out of storage. I have so many questions about this world, and I am very excited to uncover the answers. Also, such engaging animations, seriously, I want this team making all Pokemon cutscenes from now on. And Detective Pikachu should be the main series protagonist! Sorry. I am so into this.