Parappa Creator Thinks Rap Rabbit Was Too Focused on Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all

By Laura Kate Dale on at

According to an interview with Parappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura in Issue 315 of Edge Magazine, the creator believes his kickstarter for animal based music rhythm game Rap Rabbit failed to reach its target largely because the higher ups behind the project were too focused on the money.

"The goal, the price was obviously too high. All these things were decided on [iNiS COO Keichi] Yano's side. I think he wanted to run this project in a traditional way, with a big initial investment. That approach didn't translate well to Kickstarter, I don't think. We have to find a different way to move forward, I think, like indie developers do. Yano-san is still talking to various people about the possibility to move forward with it. I'm in no rush, but if we have a chance to proceed, that would be great."

Project Rap Rabbit unfortunately failed to hit its Kickstarter goal of $850,000. You can read more in Edge Magazine Issue 315.