Nvidia's Freestyle is Like Instagram Filters For PC Games

By Mike Fahey on at

Image filters aren’t just for photo mode anymore. The latest version of Nvidia’s Geforce Experience app introduces Freestyle, a series of special filters that change the way games look while they’re being played. It’s a bit of a trip.

Freestyle is basically an extension of Nvidia’s Ansel, the screenshot tool introduced last year that helped players produce stunning images from games like Mirror’s Edge 2 and The Witcher 3. But where Ansel requires players to pause their games to apply filters and take snapshots, Freestyle changes the way games look in motion.


Available filters include everything from simple changes to colour and saturation to full-on sketch graphics (a favorite of mine, though it renders MMO chat unreadable). There are even options to correct for colour blindness, something all games should have but many forget to include.

To use Freestyle you’ll need a recent Nvidia graphics card, of course, and you’ll need to be playing a supported game—you can check out the growing list here.

Beware my pencil-sketch Warframe.