World's Biggest Shenmue 3 Fan Reeeeaaaally Wants Celebs on Twitter to Contribute towards Ryo's Kickstarter

By David Meikleham on at

Well, this is weird.

A Twitter user by the name of Tony Turner (aka, Hazuki_Dojo) clearly loves the adventures of Ryo Hazuki more than oxygen, because they've been harassing celebs on the social media platform for over six months asking if they'll contribute towards Shenmue 3's Kickstarter.

In a stream of pleading tweets, Hazuki_Dojo has begged everyone from Oprah to The Rock, Kevin Durant to Jackie Chan, and even Microsoft magnate Bill gates to contribute to the much-anticipated sequel's crowdfunding page.

The only high-profile person who seems to have replied to these impassioned pleas is one Peter Moore; current CEO of Liverpool, and former EA bigwig:

Sadly for dear old Tony, it seems Moore blocked him shortly thereafter.

More recently, Hazuki_Dojo has reached out to Mojang founder Notch (aka Markus Persson), asking the man behind Minecraft to stump up some pennies to help Yu Suzuki's upcoming action-RPG be all that it can be:

Predictably, he got no response.

It's all a little bizarre, really. And 'little' is being pretty darn kind. First off, Shenmue 3 is actually one of the most successful Kickstarter video game campaigns of all time; at time of writing, it's amassed $6,333,295 (£4,667,321) in contributions. Although that said, the figure admittedly looks like peanuts when you consider the original Dreamcast game had an estimated budget of anywhere between £34-£51m... and that was back in 1999.

Secondly, everyone knows The Rock is waaaay to busy going on 4am runs and generally laying the Hollywood smackdown to be concerned with Ryo.

Ah well, you can't blame a Shenmue diehard for trying.