Future God of War Games Could Focus on Egyptian And Mayan Mythology

By David Meikleham on at

Gaming's angriest pop may not hang around in Norse mythology for long. Even though PS4's first God of War isn't out yet, game director Cory Barlog has already been drawn on whether future entries in the monster-eviscerating franchise will draw on different ancient mythos going forward.

Speaking to Game Informer, it seems Barlog sees Kratos' Greek PS2 and PS3 adventures as a specific chapter for the series, with the latest God of War representing a new era for the sociopathic slaphead:

“The Greek games were the Greek era of God of War,” Barlog tells Game Informer, in the mag's latest issue.

“Moving on, the next mythological belief system he interacts with became the Norse era of God of War. But we may end up going on to the Egyptian era and the Mayan era and so on and so forth.”

Now, the Egyptian Hieracosphinx may not be as iconic as the Minotaur, but the idea of God of War tackling lesser know mythologies would certainly keep the series fresh.

The reason 2013's God of War: Ascension felt so flat compared to the original trilogy, is because Sony Santa Monica had tapped the creatures of Greek mythology dry. When you've fought the Hydra, and punched Hercules face in (literally), scrapping against something called Aegeon the Hecatonchires was always going to feel underwhelming.

In the same Gameinformer interview, Barlog also talks about wanting to see Kratos' games reach a wider audience in the future:

"I want this to reach a lot of people; I want this to be on the level of the Uncharteds and the Assassin's Creeds. We want to grow this franchise big time."

As much as I steadfastly believe God of War II and God of War III are vastly superior games to every Assassin's that's ever been (come at me), it's hard to argue the series enjoys the same sort of profile it once had when it smashed its way onto PS2 back in 2005.

God of War is scheduled to hit PS4 sometime this year. Looking back to when past entries in the series usually launched, don't be surprised if Kratos and his kid are punching trolls to pieces this spring.

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