Burnout Paradise HD Remaster Coming to PS4 in Japan

By Laura Kate Dale on at

EA has announced that it will be releasing Burnout Paradise HD Remaster in Japan on March 16th 2018. The game will be a graphically updated remake of the 2008 open world racing game, and that's about all we officially know for now.

However, we can likely expect an announcement of a worldwide release for the title, as well as for an Xbox One release in non-Japanese territories. The reason we know this is that in early December, a Brazilian retailer listed Burnout Paradise for both PS4 and Xbox One in their internal release database for March, albeit March 1st rather than 16th. The accuracy of the game getting a remaster, and the release month, suggests that other region and platform announcements may well be incoming.

So, who's pumped to get their Burnout on? Take me down to the Paradise city right now, because England is ruddy cold this time of year.