A £225 Shovel Knight Statue The World Definitely Needed

By Ethan Gach on at

You asked (right?) and First 4 Figures has happily obliged with not just one, but three 15-inch-tall replicas from Shovel Knight. I’m not sure why you’d be in the market for one of these but if you are you could probably do much worse.

Of all the retro pixel animated games players have collectively salivated over throughout the last decade (including me) Shovel Knight is far and away one of the best. It looks great, it feels great, and if you haven’t given this year’s expansion a try, well then stop reading this right now and go download it. In that context I guess the question isn’t “Why a $300 (£225) statue of a little blue armoured Viking dude with a shovel,” but “How did it take this long?”

The three different statues include the base Shovel Knight, the game’s ???? characters which are just Shovel Knight with the helmet removed to reveal a fish head, and finally an ornate version of the protagonist adorned in gold. While just one of the statues will put you back $300, you can always go and pony up an additional $250 (£187) to score a second one as part of the combo pack F4F are offering.

While at first blush the gold version struck me as over the top and grotesquely gaudy, seeing it on display in the creators’ discussion video above convinced me it actually looks pretty cool. Mostly that comes down to the reddish-orange tinge the gold has which helps it look warmer and richer than a lot of the paler gold that you usually find in jewellery.

Plus, I mean, how could anyone resist their very own Shovel Knight fish head dude. Even if he is $300. And actually, maybe precisely because he IS $300.

The statues each come with detailed bases inspired by the Plains Passage from the beginning of the game, also known as the Plains of Passage straight from the first stage in the game as well as the alternative fish head (that’s right, you can switch them out whenever you want!).

The first round of pre-orders goes live on December 19 while shipment of the actual statues isn’t expected until late 2018. For now, you can go and stare at them lustfully on the F4F site.