Phoenix Point playable at the PC Gamer Weekender

By Future Publishing on at

Are you curious about Phoenix Point? Well, the latest title from XCOM’s original creator, Julian Gollop, will be available to play during the PC Gamer Weekender – and the man himself will be on hand as a guest speaker on the Saturday of the event.

Phoenix Point is a turn-based tactics game in which you fight aliens, so with Gollop's experience in this particular area you'd expect it to be pretty good. It has three factions, elements of 4X strategy, mutated abominations to battle – and raised around £560,000 on crowdfunding site Fig in 2016 to get made.

You can check out Phoenix Point’s Twitter here and its Facebook here, while a Discord room can be found over here. Those looking to keep up to speed with more video-shaped things can find those here.

Phoenix Point will be joined by many more speakers, games and booths, all at the PC Gamer Weekender, which is being held February 17-18 at the Olympia, London, in the UK. For more details see the site, and follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news. Tickets are available now from £12.99, and you can use the code chr1stm4s for 20% off until midnight on 5th January 2018.