A PUBG Player Made a Site to Optimise Jumping Out of Planes

By Rich Stanton on at

Everyone loves Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, the cheery battle royale game you can play with friends!

*5 minutes later*

We regret to inform you that in most matches you will die very quickly.

Why should we take this crap? Who does Player Unknown think he is? Doesn't this game know who I am? All very big and very important questions.

Allow me to introduce a gentleman by the name of James Lantz. Mr Lantz has no time to waste. He doesn't want to jump out of a plane and land somewhere rubbish. He won't take your bullshit!

So James built a website called planepath.net where you can draw a line across the PUBG map, mimicking the path of your in-game flight, and see where you can realistically aim for – as well as where vehicles are most likely to spawn. Clearly the idea is you have it open then alt-tab back-and-forth at the start of every match, which sounds like a faff but honestly I'll never go back.

Yes, I am hitting the right tone for a subject of such gravity.

This fan-made tool follows in the footsteps of other incredibly useful PUBG resources that have sprung up from the community, including the below map that basically tells you where everything of interest is. If you've played the game for any length of time then you kinda know this stuff through osmosis, but seeing it in such cold hard detail is another world.

ShatterNL's PUBG Map v0.8

What is that smell my friends? That faint yet tantalising waft on the wind? Mmmm, that's right: it's a big fat chicken dinner, and it belongs to ME.