The PS2 Theme for PS4 is Out Today

By Rich Stanton on at

We reported this was coming last week, but today Sony released the 'legacy dashboard theme' — a.k.a. a £2.49 offering that will make your PS4's frontend look like a PS2. The only question I have is simple: does the marketing bumpf refer to it as iconic?

The Legacy Dashboard Dynamic theme brings a faithful recreation of the iconic [BOOM – ed] PlayStation®2 console dashboard experience into the modern day in full HD. Featuring real-time elements such as an introduction sequence at startup, the return of the seven stars complete with behaviours and formations that closely mimic the original console bios, and a fully functioning crystal clock. Audio has been sampled from original hardware and is presented in high quality to create a truly authentic experience.

The return of the seven stars! Be still my beating heart. All joking aside, PS2 was sexy and I'm ashamed to say I'm of the kind of age where this is actually an attractive purchase. The theme was created by Truant Pixel, a studio dedicated to making PlayStation themes, working with Sony and Naughty Dog, and you can see it in action below.