Portal's Getting a Bridge Construction Spin Off Later This Month

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Portal and Portal 2 are probably my two favourite puzzle games, from both a mechanics and narrative standpoint. The multitude of ways a simple pair of portals can be used, paired with the fantastic writing of series antagonist GlaDOS have consistently amused me. I'm still crossing my fingers for an eventual Portal 3, but for now we have Bridge Constructor PortalĀ  to keep us engaged with puzzles and power hungry robots.

Bridge Constructor Portal seems like a simple premise from the trailer: design bridges, interact with portals, and get trucks to the end of levels making use of momentum and trajectory. The game is coming to PC, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, with the presence of mobile versions suggesting this may be about planning a solution and setting off a series of events to see if it works, rather than more real time altering of solutions. Screenshots seem to imply a Lemmings-style setup where a set number of vehicles have to successfully reach the end of a level to succeed.

The game releases on PC, Mac, Linux and mobiles on December 20th, and the console versions will follow in early 2018.