Destiny 2's First Expansion, Curse of Osiris, Launches Later Today

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Destiny 2's imminent expansion, Curse of Osiris, has not had a smooth road to release, from fan anger and cancelled livestreams, to eventual acknowledgement from Bungie that they were falling short, it feels like there's been one issue after another running up to release.

From 3pm until 6pm UK time today, Destiny 2 will be offline while Bungie's space engineers prepare for launch. At 4pm UK time, however, you'll apparently be able to start up the download for Curse of Osiris, so your Guardian is ready to get cracking once the downtime's over. Bungie say that everything should be up and running by around 6pm, though in the past these things have often moved an hour or two either way.

If you need to know what's in Curse of Osiris, you can read our write up on that here. The core game will also receive an overhaul in some areas, the first of two updates designed to address certain fan concerns. Bungie says these will "deepen rewards for advanced players; provide more player control over obtaining rewards; make Shards useful by adding things to use them for; provide general quality fixes wherever possible."

This is a big moment for Destiny 2: many have found the endgame lacking, and the hope is that Curse of Osiris can spice things up a little. Soon enough, we'll find out.