For their 25th Anniversary, Rebellion are Creating Some Bizarre Games

By Laura Kate Dale on at

UK developer Rebellion, responsible for the Sniper Elite series and Battlezone, turned 25 years old today, and to celebrate the studio's developers will be taking part in a very strange two day game jam.

What's so strange about it? Well, a few months back sci-fi author Nate Crowley put out a joke tweet that would eventually spawn a book publishing deal. Crowley put out a simple offer on Twitter. For every like his tweet got, he would come up with an idea for a fictional video game in 140 characters. This ultimately resulted in 1000 game ideas being tweeted out, and further down the line a book deal.

100 Best Games (That Never Existed) takes 100 of those tweets, fleshes them out into more complete concepts, and features art by the artists at Rebellion. Yep, that's where this segue was heading.

Rebellion will, over the next two days, be trying to develop some of the games from Crowley's book. I'm personally crossing my fingers for a playable version of either Monkey Tennis or Wetherspoons Fetish Party. Go on, tell me you wouldn't want to play both of those.