PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is Targeting 60 FPS on Xbox One - [Update]

By Laura Kate Dale on at

According to an interview with Games TM, speaking to Mr PlayerUnknown himself Brendan Greene, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is aiming to hit a locked 60 FPS on Xbox One systems. While the Xbox One X is almost guaranteed to hit this locked threshold at launch, the standard Xbox One is a little more up in the air right now.

Definitely on Xbox One X, 60FPS. On Xbox One, we’re not sure. We may have to limit it at 30FPS, maybe, but the last time I saw it, it was running at about 30 to 40. We’re still constantly improving it so, you know, the aim is to get to 60.

With the game less than two weeks from Xbox One launch on December 12th, it won't be long before we know if the base version can hit that target. Considering how many players a PUBG match contains, it's impressive to lock its framerate that high. Go for it PUBG, outrun that slowly encroaching wall of frame drops.

[Update - Since the news story went live, Greene has issues a tweet that basically pulls a U-Turn on the previous statement, and clarifies that the game will run at 30 FPS on both the Xbox One S and X].