Chloe's Original Voice is Returning to Life is Strange: Before the Storm

By Laura Kate Dale on at

One of the big reasons I put off checking out Life is Strange: Before the Storm, a prequel to the original series of episodic young adult meme adventure games, was the fact Ashley Burch, voice actor for blue haired punk chick Chloe, would not be voicing her character in the prequel. Basically a voice actor strike happened during the game's production, and so the developers used a different actor in the role.

The strike has subsequently been resolved. Following which, Ashley Burch will now be reprising her role as Chloe for a bonus episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm. While most of the prequel takes place around the disappearance of Rachael Amber, a big plot point in the original game, this bonus episode will see Max and Chloe reunited, showing their time as best friends before Max went away to Seattle.

OK, I guess I'll finally get over myself and check out Before The Storm! I want to see my totally lesbian gal pals have more time together, they're wonderful.