PUBG's Brendan Greene: "Making Games is Hard and the Consumer Doesn't Realise That"

By Rich Stanton on at

Player Unknown is better known as Brendan Greene, the modder-turned-king behind this year's smash hit Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Despite its huge success the game is still in Early Access, and continues to improve while concurrently being ported to different platforms.

Success brings many things, not least a lot of groaning and moaning. Let's be clear about this: PUBG is rough around the edges, and always was, but the core of the experience is rock-solid and enormous fun. It is why the game has been so successful: it offers something unique. Speaking in the current issue of GamesTM, Greene had little time for complaints that come from an uninformed perspective.

"There are a lot of misconceptions about development or what we're doing, like even some commentators saying we're a pump and dump and it's like, how could you think that? Really? We've shown off for the last six months that we want to finish this, you know, and just because we had to pull back an update, so then people are thinking 'take the money and run' but it's like, no!

"You know, making games is hard and the consumer doesn't realise that. A small team [might] run into a problem they cannot solve and then they run out of money, and then like, what do you do then? So many people have such optimism when starting to make a game, but then making games is hard, so you run into an issue and you're like fuck. You know? And it's something you may never have thought about.

Greene goes on to talk about when, in his mind, PUBG will be in something like a complete state.

All I want to do [is] get this to a complete state, get all the systems I wanted and really ramp it up for a platform for eSports. Like I want to see the community grow and create these community events that rise up to our first major [tournament], and that's kind of where I go okay, now we have a considered eSport. And that's where I think okay, now Battlegrounds is good. But until then my head is down."

The full interview contains much more quotage from the jolly Greene giant, and can be found in issue 194 of GamesTM – available at all good magazine stockists, and online here.