New Version of Carcassone Hits Steam, Mac and Android

By Rich Stanton on at

Have you ever played Carcassone? If you have then you're probably off to the Steam page already to buy this new version of the classic boardgame, with spiffy 3D graphics so you can coo over the meeples. If not, Carcassone is a belter. Do not be fooled by the jolly medieval stylings – this is a game for KILLERS.

Essentially two or more players take turns to place board tiles, which have to align at the edges. Over the turns you build up the town collaboratively, but place 'meeples' to control particular areas of land or buildings. It's a cut-throat influence war, where early moves often end up rash and the glorious glory goes to the most cunning. It really is a great game.

There has been a very good top-down version of Carcassone on phones for years (developed by TheCodingMonkeys) but this is a different studio and an all-new visual style. It launches with one of the game's expansions built-in and another easily obtainable by creating a player account, and is being sold at a discount for the first few days – £6.99 on Steam for PC/Mac, and £1.79 on Android.