CEREAL KILLER: No Mario Breakfast for Brits!

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past couple of days, American retail chains have been listing a Mario Odyssey themed cereal that basically looks like Lucky Charms, but with the shapes being 1-up mushrooms and question mark blocks. Perhaps the most interesting part of the not officially confirmed box art on these American websites was the claim that the box functioned as an amiibo, compatible with Odyssey itself.

Thanks to a tweet from Kellogg's UK, we now have some good news and some bad news. The Mario cereal is real, but it's not coming to the UK, only to America.

Here's our feedback, Kelloggs, if that is your real name: what the hell?!? Pull your finger out of that cockerel and bring us hungry Brits the unhealthy branded products we deserve.

As we don't yet know what the box's amiibo functionality will be, it's tough to tell if this will function as a new US-exclusive amiibo, or will replicate the NFC functions of an existing figure.

I am truly gutted. I am a gigantic child and the thought of sitting in my office, writing about video games while eating Mario cereal... well, it's the dream. Maybe someone nice out there can mail me some so I can watch cartoons on Netflix and pretend I'm back in the 90s for a bit.