Ubisoft's New Game Ode is Unapologetically Calm

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Ubisoft Reflections, the small team behind Grow Home and Grow Up, surprise released a new video game on PC last night called Ode. You play a little creature called joy who runs around a handful of environments, interacting with plants which have their own unique music styles attached. As you explore each environment you alter the visual look of the level as well as the soundtrack, and calmly create a really beautiful audiovisual landscape.

There's no pressure, no consequences; just a beautiful interactive artscape to explore.

Ode is available right now for £4.49, and while it's short, it really is a gorgeous little experience. It's not going to change anybody's world view or anything, but it's a nice respite from a loud angry grumbly world for a little while.