PlayStation and Xbox are refunding Marvel Heroes Omega Purchases

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Marvel Heroes Omega is a free-to-play game based on the characters from Marvel's cinematic universe, originally released in 2013, but released on PS4 and Xbox One in June this year. Less than five months after this release, the game has been unexpectedly shut down – an end date of December 31st was given but, more than a month earlier than that, it's all over.

Understandably, console players who bought into the free to play economy only to have the game cancelled within a few months are not happy about their purchases. They expected their spent money to be applicable in-game for much longer than the game was live for and, as a result, a lot of console players have been requesting refunds on in-game purchases.

Marvel is happy to let these players twist in the breeze. It pulled out of its relationship with the game's developer Gazillion, which is why the company laid off all its staff in a Thanksgiving surprise and the game shut down early. So fair play to Sony Europe for showing some principles, not least because the target audience for this game is children.

Our source tells us that "PS Europe are now refunding Marvel Omega purchases from 21st August onwards, full refunds, back to payment method where applicable. People should be getting emails about it today if they sent a request in. Better get 'em in quick because I don't know if there's a closing time on requests."

According to a number of players we spoke to today, this is accurate and they've started to see some movement.

We have reached out to PlayStation Europe for official confirmation and comment, and will update if we receive a response.

[Update - Since we published this story, we have begun to see reports that Microsoft is completing refunds for all Marvel Heroes Omega purchases on Xbox One, including players who didn’t contact Microsoft to request one.]