Sonic Forces Just Added Trashy Meme T-Shirts as Free DLC

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Sonic Forces was a bit of a letdown at launch, with its character creator lacking many of the options longtime fans had been hoping for. The variety of creatures available to create in-game is still limited, but if the one thing holding you back from creating your fursona was a lack of meme-adjacent clothing options, your prayers may just have been answered.

Thanks to a piece of free DLC, players can now dress themselves up in a "Sanic" shirt. Based on a since-removed YouTube video in which Sonic was deliberately misnamed and drawn poorly, the meme has become an internet staple for use when the franchise makes bizarre or laughable decisions.

One has to wonder: is this a knowing nod from Sonic Team acknowledging the general reception of Sonic Forces? If the Sonic Twitter account's self-aware nature is anything to go by, it might just well be.