New Call of Duty: WW2 Modes and Weapon Variants Accidentally Revealed

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Initially posted on YouTube, before being copyright claimed and re-hosted over at mp1st, a video from YouTuber and dataminer MrJaRnii has shown off a few new maps, modes and weapons for Call of Duty: WW2. We'd like to embed the video but, every time it pops up anew, Activision is quickly whack-a-moling it back. The guns shown include the Sten SMG, plus the Gewehr 43 semi-auto and Volkssturmgewehr assault rifles.

The new modes which can be seen in the video include Gun Game, Infected and Control, which are here being played against bots. The video also shows off some new-but-unnamed guns.

It's unclear if these new modes will be free to all in order to keep the playerbase united, or if they will require the game's season pass to access. It's also unclear if these new weapons will be available to all, or only available to those who receive them via supply drops. If they are supply drop only, this could alter the balance of online play.

Either way, hopefully we will get official information on these new bits of content in the near future.