EU DIED – Demon's Souls Servers Close Down Next Year

By Rich Stanton on at

This... this is a sad one. Demon's Souls was a game that didn't get much of a reaction on release. But over the coming weeks and months, word-of-mouth spread that here was something truly special. Players soon realised that FromSoftware hadn't so much made a fantasy RPG as reinvented the genre, to the extent that Demon's Souls' framework lies beneath the subsequent Dark Souls trilogy and even Bloodborne.

An especially notable aspect of Demon's Souls was its re-imagining of what online in general should look like. The ability to summon players and be invaded was introduced here, alongside the player-authored soapstone messages, inventive boss encounters that sucked in other players, and a 'world tendency' system so ambitious and beyond most players that Fromsoft left it out of subsequent games.

The news is that, come February 28th next year, you'll still be able to play Demon's Souls but the online element will no longer function. The game was published in Europe by Bandai Namco and, following this morning's news about the Japanese servers closing down on the same date, it has confirmed the same will happen in Europe.

Don't you worry: Kotaku UK won't be letting a game like this go down without some fruity swansongs. If you've never played Demon's Souls, and have any interest, it's well worth digging it out and trying to do so before this happens – the game is extremely creative with its online features, to an extent that even its 'sequels' rarely match.