Sea of Thieves Next Online Test is Open to Everyone... Well, Almost Everyone

By David Meikleham on at

Rare's upcoming nautical adventure doesn't just support stupidly low resolutions on PC, it's also capable of accurately simulating what it's like to get pickled. So for those who want to play Sea of Thieves at 540p while blind drunk there's good news: the game's next online test is open to everyone.

Image: Rare

Well, everyone over 18, at any rate.

Unlike the previous alphas Rare has run, this isn't a closed off affair. To join in on the rum-swilling fun, all you have to do is head over to the developer's site and sign up for the game's Insider Programme before December 1st.

There are just a couple of small caveats. First, you have to sign an NDA and be over 18. Second, you'll need an Xbox Live Gold account to play Sea of Thieves is an online Xbox game, after all. 

No word on when the next test starts, but Rare's Insider Programme FAQ suggests both Xbox players and Windows 10 users will be able to take part.

Following a bunch of delays, Sea of Thieves is scheduled to launch next year. I for one will be raising a rum and coke to Rare in the hopes the British studio can rediscover its glory days with this pirate sandbox.

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