What Could Bandai Namco Be Teasing With This Microwaved Egg?

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Video game announcement teaser websites have historically been a little deliberately obtuse, as to not give away what they're going to announce, but this may be the strangest one I've come across in a while. Seriously, I don't even know how to process this one.

Bandai Namco has put up this website, featuring an image of a microwave with the word "click" above it. When you click on it as instructed, smoke pours from it, the door opens, and an egg rolls out. I assume trying to microwave a still shelled egg is what caused the microwave to smoke. After this, a message in all caps tells us "10 days" - presumably, that's how many days we have to sit and ponder what on Earth this could mean. The only clue is the web address, containing the letters "mhaoj".

Maybe it's a Tamagotchi egg, or a Digimon egg. That's literally the only two egg-centric franchises Bandai Namco owns that I am aware of. I would not recommend microwaving either of those eggs.