To The Moon Sequel Gets New Trailer, Out Very Soon

By Laura Kate Dale on at

To The Moon, a 2011 RPG Maker game about helping an old man experience his end of life wishes, is one of the most touching video games ever made. It told a story about understanding across lifelong barriers, the importance of belief over reality, and accurately represented groups that usually are not depicted with nuance or tact. It's a truly wonderful four or five hour experience.

For years since its release a full sequel called Finding Paradise has been teased, albeit with an unfixed release window and a lack of details regarding the direction of the title. Thanks to this new trailer Finding Paradise has a release date, and it's much sooner than many expected.

Yep, Finding Paradise is coming out on December 14th, less than a month away. I'm not going to lie, I watched the first half of that trailer and found it tonally odd. I did momentarily wonder if I had read far too much nuance into the first game. But it's okay, Finding Paradise isn't an action game set on the moon.

Apparently the game will follow the same pair of scientists from the first game as they "unravel the perplexing memories of a patient named Colin Reeds, to fulfill a wish that seems rather paradoxical… to change something yet change nothing at all".

If you've never played To The Moon, find five hours in the next month to try it. It's a seriously beautiful experience.