Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon Contain a Loving Tribute to Iwata

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Since Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away in the summer of 2015, a great many people had created tributes to a man whose creative vision shaped much of Nintendo's direction during their most creatively ambitious years. Many games releasing today still owe a historical debt to Iwata's creative talent, and many of them acknowledge his hand in games to this day. The most recent Nintendo game to pay tribute to the man who shaped their series is Pokémon Ultra Sun / Moon, which thank Iwata for his work on Pokémon Gold / Silver.

To find the in-game tribute, you'll need a copy of Gold or Silver on 3DS with at least one Pokémon captured, which then needs to be transferred into your copy of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. After this you head to Game Freak's offices in-game, and will find a member of staff who comments on Iwata's role in their creation.

While not mentioned by name, the story referenced here is that Iwata was so passionate about wanting to include the whole of Pokémon Red / Blue inside Gold / Silver that he invented his own form of data compression for the Game Boy Color. And in the end, he got it all onto the cartridge.

Iwata's presence can be felt in so many of Nintendo's modern games. This and other tributes are beautiful to see, and show how much he was loved within the company he led with such distinction.